Saturday, May 12, 2007

DASHED HOPES and double bogies

The Mega Millions ticket, of course, had ONE matching number of thirty - dismal. The bright side is that the Texas Education System is richer for my folly - says so right on the ticket. I can't help but wonder why the school portion of my tax bill keeps rising despite all the money flowing into the system. Must be the new golf course they're building for the middle school down the way. Rumors are a polo field is next.
I have fond memories of the rock and boulder-strewn school playground of my youth - the scars remind. A time when ONE administrator and a school board composed of folks interested in reading, writing and arithmetic managed to run eleven elementary schools and a couple of the higher type. These days, the individual 'campuses' have vice-principals and classes where they discuss safe sex. I hear the nursery for the thirteen and fourteen-year-old single mothers is nearing completion.


generic troll said...

Mr. Toffle, if you want trolls, you must say something inflammatory. This troll awaits any opportunity to ply his nasty trade but you have to give me something to work with.


You can't pass yourself off as a troll, sir. In my observations elsewhere, I've found REAL trolls don't need no stinkin' reason to be disagreeable.

So have a blessed day, my friend.

Van said...

"CARL TOFFLE said...
You know, it's one thing to have attention-starved trolls and another to be so attention-starved that one desires trolls. It's nice to be in the former category. I wish I were."

argghh... grrr... Your hat color stinks, and your shoes look silly! And what's with the black lines through your middle, makes you look like your falling apart! snarl... gnashhh... grrrr.

(see above comment for enhancing a propper care and feeding plan for attracting and keeping trolls.)


Van said...

P.P.S - Great Pictures!

juliec said...

Van - that's his raccoon mask. Can't you tell? :)

dloye said...

Ok, sometimes straight up begging works just fine. I'd play the troll if I were in the mood, but the comment about the school systems just take the wind out of my troll sails. I've taught in the schools with genuine financial problems, and the ones flush with government funds. Guess which is a whole lot more fun!

Skully said...

When will they build domes with retractable roofs for these poor kids?
My heart breaks when I see so many kids without the basics of life.
2 year old, dilapitated computers,
no's worse than many third world countries I tell you.

MizzE said...

..."REAL trolls don't need no stinkin' reason to be disagreeable...." like some Texas principals
I have known.

Thanks for yielding your plow share to the system - better luck next time - I'm enjoying early retirement. Taxes on the old homestead gnawing away at the TSTA nest egg though. --Dashed hopes have been known to yield a taste for mocking the educrats -- I can vouch for that.

Robin Starfish said...

OK Spud Boy. Methinks you're not really from Idaho or you'd know it's improper to wear blue shoes before Memorial Day. The horror!

Unless you're a BSU ref, in which case a few people may let you get away with it. The diehard ones that replay their Fiesta Bowl dvd's every weekend.

We do have our fashion requirements up here. Generally speaking. If you like flannel. Or camelpaks.

The rest of the outfit is spot on, however!

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